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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Character description

Awful Auntie is the main character of a story called Awful Auntie.  She has a niece named as Stella who is 13 years old.

Awful Auntie is rude and cruel like when she was so mean that she locked her own niece in a bedroom plastered her body and kept her on her own a bed.   Awful Auntie always cheats so she can win for example Awful Auntie was cheating when she was playing tiddly winks.

Awful Auntie has old things and is horrible looking, like she has stubby fingers and always has old things like always wearing old hunting clothes.  She always has her barbarian owl on her hand and always wearing a floppy old hat.  Her fingers are big fat stubby fingers.  

Awful Auntie always likes playing tiddly winks and she also cheats every time she plays tiddley winks and other games.  One time when she played a game  of tiddley winks and cheated “oops oh no your hands are all chopped dear.  Sounds like  I win a again.  She did n’t even try it.  Awful Auntie was like a dodo bird not even caring about a human's in front of him.  She always like cheating because in her brain she wants to win the game and she very selfish.  One day Awful Auntie went to a ginormous mountain and she found a barbarian owl.  She was so selfish that she thought she should have it for herself.

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