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Monday, August 21, 2017

The ugly duck

The ugly duckling

Once upon a time there was a family of ducklings.  Then the eggs were hatching. The family was surprised when they saw their eggs hatching.  Daddy duck and mummy duck said “Oh look at our cute baby ducklings.”  Another one hatched from under mummy duck. Mummy duck said to the baby that just hatched and even daddy duck  said, “What an ugly duck you are,”  So the duck family left without the ugly duck. Ugly duck was sad and he left and walked for a long time. Ugly duck was exhausted and freezing cold.

One day when he was a little older and he was very freezing, suddenly a big white snow ball was coming and hit at his back.  It was rolling smoothly and fast.  He yelled and shouted for help.  

Nearby there lived a woodcutter.  Then the ugly duck shouted with fear.  The woodcutter ran to the ugly duck.  The Woodcutter held the ugly duck and put him in his warm cozy coat.  Now the ugly duck lived at the woodcutters home and he  was growing fast and he remembered to never ever see the water.  Then a young beautiful lady swan was passing by.  The ugly duck was sad because he thinks that he was a ugly duck.
Swans were swimming to him and then the lady swan said “I have never seen you in this pond? Are you new in this swamp?”
“Yes” said the ugly duck.  Everybody in the lake was laughing because he thought that he was an ugly duck and then the beautiful swan said “You're not a duck. You're a handsome swan.”
Ugly duck turned out to be a swan. He was confused and said “Am I really a swan?”
The beautiful swan said, “Of course you are a handsome swan.”
The handsome swam said “Thank you, nobody has ever said that to me.”  
Beautiful lady swan and the handsome duck lived together for a long time and got baby swans and the they lived happily ever after.

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This week we have been writing fairy tails and I changed my ending by saying that they had little baby swans.

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