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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Beach description

The white shattering waves smashing against the sand.The tough strong cliff standing proudly as a lion.Yellow boiling hot sand and beautiful tiny islands on the the horizon.Greedy seagulls flying really high looking for food to eat. Trees and bushes surrounding the top of the top of the cliff. There's a hollow dark cove looking kind of spooky. Freezing cold water crashing into rocks.

The delicious smell of fish and chips making the seagulls wanting to eat it. The smell of salty water from the wide ocean drifting to the sand. Rotting shell fish overtaking the smell of fresh green grass. Stinky fish makes a rotten smell.A good smell of sunscreen as people put it on their body. Smell of fresh green grass hitting onto your nose.

A soft gentle breeze blows across the huge cove effortlessly. Waves crashing endlessly on the sand and retreat shyly.The sun radiating on the huge steep cliff that is warmth by the sun.

There's nothing better than going to the relaxing beach with your family.When I arrive at the beach I straight away feel excited because I want to jump into the water and make a huge splash.

This week we have been writing a description of a beach and this is my description. I am also proud that I used interesting vocabulary like effortlessly.

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  1. Johaan you are beginning to use lovely descriptive language. I can really imagine those sea gulls going after the fish and chips. - Mrs T