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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Life cycle of a butterfly

Life cycle of a butterfly

Metamorphosis means when living things change into different  forms. Frogs, cicadas are two of the creatures that follow a life cycle where they change. Butterflies also follow a life cycle.

The butterfly's life cycle begins with the egg. Female butterflies lays  them on leaves of plants. Larva or caterpillars are inside the eggs. The egg is about the size of a sesame seed. Butterflies lay hundreds of eggs on a leaf. The egg is round, oval, smooth, bumpy and cylinderly. It takes 3-7 days to hatch. The weather must be a warm.

                 Image result for A female butterfly laying her egg                    
Next after 3-7 days they chew a hole on the egg so they can hatch out. Then when the caterpillar is out of the egg it eats the egg. Sometimes the caterpillar takes off its old skin as it gets bigger and bigger. When it is full it’s weight, it is about a 100 g and it eats lots and lots of leaves each day. The caterpillar stays as a caterpillar for up to 2-5 weeks. When the caterpillar is full it weighs about 100 times it’s size than when it hatches.

Then the caterpillar hangs on branches, twigs or leaves and turns into a pupa. The pupa protects the caterpillar. A pupa turns first green, then it turns into  brown, this time it turns black and finally it turns white. The caterpillar grows and stays in the pupa for 15 days.

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After a few days the wings get bigger and even bigger. Then the butterfly bites its way out of the pupa. Next it waits to dry its wings for half an hour so it can fly. Finally after it dries its wings it can fly now and eats nectar and reproduce.
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The main part of the life cycle is that the female butterfly lays hundreds of eggs. If the female butterfly doesn't lays the hundred eggs there will not be a life cycle and it will never continue.

This week we have been explaining the life cycle of a butterfly and this is my butterflies life cycle.

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  1. Johaan, you have explained the life cycle of the butterfly. It's interesting how the female butterfly lays 100's of eggs! - Mrs T